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The Changing Face of Autism (2008)

DVD | Color
50 min | Full Screen.

Directed by John Chisholm
Produced by Raoul Peter Mongilardi
Written by Lynne Duquette
ISBN 978-0-8026-1104-8
Price:  $31.95* Home Video includes Public Library Circulation rights.
ISBN 978-0-8026-1105-5
Price:  $249.95**  Academic and Institutional price including Public Performance rights for non-paying audiences.
Consumers Reviews

Brooke  says...
This movie would receive an A+ in my record book! Hearing stories of the many faces of Autism helps in the way I, as an educator, approach a child with Autism and their family. Learning what parents go through during the identification process emotionally was very insightful. This movie is a revealing introduction to the various struggles many parents and children have to deal with on a daily basis and seeing them overcome those brings hope. I think this would be an informative DVD to watch as part of a professional development at school to help educators who don't have many experiences with children and families dealing with Autism. Any teacher who has a student with Autism would benefit from seeing this movie.

Lisa Z says...
This documentary is a must for all parents who are facing the long journey of having a child with autism. As the single parent of a child diagnosed with ASD I am painfully aware of the frustration, questions and uncertainty that lie ahead. This production provides a clear, methodical approach. The Changing Face of Autism is full of answers and hope. With invaluable information and guidance from the most knowledgeable medical professionals in the field, including Dr. Ivar Lovaas, it is sure to give parents, educators and supporting entities the necessary tools to take proactive, educated steps in the therapeutic process.

Amy says...
A compelling and realistic look at how a family navigates through the challenges of life after a diagnosis of autism. Despite the prevalence of autism in our society, there is still so much work to be done in terms of early intervention and acceptance. A must see for anyone who knows or is related to someone who's been faced with this life changing diagnosis.

"Nominated for The 2009 Voice Awards"


Critics Reviews
"An increasing number of children are diagnosed with autism, partly due to increased awareness, better diagnostic tools, and improved reporting of the disorder. This documentary, in which filmmaker Lynn Duquette shares her experiences as the mother of an autistic child, brings together parents, teachers, medical professionals, researchers, and others who offer insights about the disability, including telling what life is like for parents of autistic children. Clips of autistic children reveal such characteristics as developmental delays, verbal and nonverbal communication deficits, impaired social interactions, and repetitive self-stimulating movements. Parents talk about their emotions and how they moved from denial to acceptance. Clips of high-functioning autistic children, many of whom benefited from early diagnosis, intervention, monitoring, and individualized treatment, provide hope and proof that early access to appropriate services tailored to the child’s needs is crucial to ensuring an improved quality of life. "

-Carol Holzberg, Booklist

Summary The Changing Face of Autism is the product of six years of filming the participants.

Lynn Duquette shares her experience as a parent of a child with autism and follows the individual stories of several families faced with the same diagnosis in this emotional and informative documentary.

Parent commentary is augmented with leading experts in autism intervention, therapy, research, and education.

"...It's like building a person..."
- Ivar Lovaas (founder of the Lovaas Institute)

"...They told us we were 1 in 10,000 - they were wrong..."
- Bruce Bothwell (parent and legal advocate)

Accepted into the New Hope Film Festival!

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